Harness the power of sleep to

elevate performance

Princeton Squash — Case Study

The Client

Princeton Squash

The Situation

To improve their team’s performance, resilience, and success across competition, academics, work, and life, Princeton Squash had recently invested in the WHOOP trackers for players and staff. They needed sleep science expertise and practical guidance to make the most of their investment and support both teams’ success.

Our Approach

Northstar Sleep School conducted a sleep workshop for Princeton Men’s and Women’s Squash in January of 2023.

Workshop Goals

How do rest and recovery impact athletic performance, mental performance, and overall health?

What steps can the teams take today to start improving sleep?

The workshop answered these questions by focusing on a few key areas, to deliver the largest positive impact for the teams.

  • Thriving as student athletes rather than just surviving
  • Making the most of one’s time within the constraints of demanding schedules
  • Managing the high intensity of the post-COVID period, returning from COVID-period PDF system to grading
  • Evolving the collective focus and norms for the team on not sleeping enough/sacrificing sleep — versus prioritizing sleep
  • Learning how to best leverage the team’s WHOOP trackers for athletes and staff

Workshop Logistics

  • Intensive in-person workshops held over two half-day sessions
  • One two-day workshop for the Men’s team, and another two-day workshop for the Women’s team. 6 hours total for each team.

The Results

The workshop… provided… information that can and will help us be our best selves.
Gail Ramsay
Head Coach, Princeton Women’s Squash