How You Sleep Determines How You Perform, Play, Learn, and Lead

Your well-rested self is your best self

Wherever your goals take you — from the boardroom to the classroom, court, or field — sleep is the missing link in elevating your performance to the highest level while protecting your long-term health, wellbeing, and resilience.

Redefine your approach to rest with Northstar Sleep School’s game-changing, science-backed sleep strategies. We’ll grow your sleep awareness, expand your toolkit, and help you get the most out of every minute you spend sleeping — skyrocketing your performance and potential in every area of life.

Sleep Matters

Achieve short-term gains with long-term benefits

In our hyperconnected modern world full of screens, distractions, busy schedules, and stress, most people are getting significantly less sleep than the prior generation. Sleep deprivation reduces our ability to think clearly, react quickly, and recover from intense physical efforts. But the opposite is also true — getting good sleep exponentially amplifies our mind-body health and wellbeing.



Game-changing, science-backed sleep strategies.


Sleep awareness

Grow your sleep awareness & expand your sleep toolkit.



Get the most out of every minute you spend sleeping

— Jess Deutsch, Associate Director, Student-Athlete Services, Princeton Athletics

Northstar Sleep School makes it easy to understand and implement the science-backed methods that elites rely on, in simple steps that work for you.

We translate proven strategies to help you develop your own sleep toolkit and unlock game-changing results.

Kristen Rainey

Sleep Consultant | Podcaster

Founder of Northstar Sleep School and Host of Northstar Unplugged

— Kristen Rainey

As Humans, Sleep is Our Secret Superpower
— and We're Taking It Back

Are You Ready to Join the Revolution?

In-Person Workshops

Your people are your best asset — and sleep is their secret superpower. Give your team, employees, or community the tools they need to make great sleep a part of their everyday lives.

In-person workshops with Northstar Sleep School help your team members identify personal roadblocks to high-quality rest, then level up their habits for improved recovery and better sleep quality with tangible, lasting results.

Keynotes & Webinars

Sleep is the foundation of our waking success. Engage, inspire, and support your organization or community with a targeted, approachable breakdown on the latest sleep science.

Northstar Sleep School is dedicated to making more and better sleep approachable for everyone. Whether you have minutes or hours to invest, a keynote or webinar presentation will give your people key insights, inspire them to take action, and set them up for success.

Online Sleep Course

Six weeks is all it takes to develop new sleep habits for a lifetime of improved health and performance. Learn the methods and mindset of better rest and recovery with Northstar Sleep School online.

This comprehensive, self-paced online course contains everything you need to kickstart your better-sleep journey. We’ve taken years of research, education, and practice, and combined it into an approachable, actionable program to help you get the best rest of your life, consistently.